What a year 2014 is turning out to be!

So far Cook in Venice has a mention in an upcoming book about Food from Venice, by authors Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi. We were happy to share some of our recipes with them and they were happy tom revisit them and present them in their new book “Venice: Recipes Lost and Found” available from Amazon. 

Then we gave a tour to the famous Hollywood actor Jonathan Tucker and his lovely wife – remember him from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostage, In the Valley of Elah and The Ruins – we had a blast – hope to see them both back here soon, maybe for the Venice Film Festival?

Cook in Venice with Jonathan Tucker

Cook in Venice with Jonathan Tucker

And last but not least, last night 24th october 2014 we were on British TV with famous TV presenter Alex Polizzi, in her new show called “Secret Italy”.

Ada, Monica and Alex Polizzi in Secret Italy

Ada, Monica and Alex Polizzi in Secret Italy – photo by

Ada and Monica had the pleasure of cooking the famous Venetian Frittelle for Alex and her crew – we had a great time! Alex is a very kind, lovely and very very classy lady, not at all what we were expecting after watching her series “Hotel Inspector”. Her crew was amazing, very friendly, professional and fun to work with! :)


Sooo, if 2015 is going to be anything like 2014, well BRING IT ON – COOK IN VENICE IS READY!




To all my friends in Britain: I believe tonight Gino D’Acampo is broadcasting a show on Venice. So you know, I was contacted by his tv production company, after many phone calls and back and forth emails, sending lots of information and ideas, having spent a whole day giving them in Venice showing them where things were, they told me my ideas did not fit the show and they did not even bother to thank me for it – so if you see any of these ideas in the show, you know there were mine!

1- cooking a bbq in the squero of San Trovaso with the owner
2- visiting the ghetto and eating the cakes in the only kosher baker
3- visiting the butcher in strada nova and cook a recipe with his meat
4- visiting the pharmacy in strada nova and cook something sweet after that
5- cooking on a terrace on the Gran Canal
6- making a risotto

so you know!


#LOVINGROMAGNA 1st Food & Travel Blogger Meet-up

#LOVINGROMAGNA 1st Food & Travel Blogger Meet-up

Free 3 day Coooking Course Romagna in Italy

Free 3 day Cooking Course Romagna in Italy – Join Cook In Venice & Hotel Eliseo at the 1st Food & Travel Blogger Meet-up

Want to experience a part of Italy which you never visited before? Want to discover the best culinary products which Italy can offer? Then join us in a Free 3 day Cooking Course Romagna in Italy at 1st Food & Travel Blogger Meet-up which will take place from 16th till 18th September 2014 in Bellaria Igea Marina in Romagna.

Experience the sea, the land and all its wonderful products with Hotel Eliseo Bellaria Igea Marina: during a 3 day event, you will learn to cook real Romagna food like tortellini, piadina and much more with the help of Nonna Violante, a fantastic traditional cook!

So if you are an active Food or Travel blogger, why don’t you join Hotel Eliseo and Cook In Venice?  Only 2 places left, so hurry!

The event includes: full board accommodation, 3 day cooking course, excursions and much more (travel expense at the cost of the blogger).

And you can bring your partner too (for cost and inclusions do not hesitate to write)

For booking and information, just send an email to

Food & Travel Blogger Meet up #lovingromagna

Food & Travel Blogger Meet up #lovingromagna




It’s finally very hot and summery in Venice right now. Summery here means sticky, humid and stifling.  smiley-face-with-fan So no way we are going to turn our ovens on for cooking!


And summer also brings a lot of fresh vegetables from our garden, so it is a pleasure to cook with fresh produce everyday. But mother nature sometimes likes to have a joke on us, so of course it does not supply you with a small and steady stream of veggies, but it makes sure they are all ready in one go! Take the loved and sweet zucchini (for you Brits it is the courgette!) – anyone who has a vegetable garden knows that when the times come you just run out of recipes for it, because you have so many of them that you kind of get sick of eaten them in all sorts!

So we came up with another recipe which I am pretty sure outside of Veneto you probably won’t have tried yet with zucchini: the saor, that is the sweet and sour cooking technique which we usually reserve in Venice to fish, like sardines and prawns. Simple but delicious, can be prepared in advance and lasts many days in the fridge! And we thought we might as well enter a competition #TuscanyNowCookOff with Tuscany now  with this recipe.

So here it goes

Zucchine in saor (Sweet & sour Zucchini)


Sweet and sour zucchini


1 kilo zucchini/courgettes

plain flour

oil for frying

olive oil


4 big onion thinly chopped

0.50 dl white wine vinegar

glass dry white wine


Thinly slice the zucchini lengthwise. Thinly slice the onions.

Warm your oil in a deep pan.

Place the zucchini in some flour, shake off the exceeding flour and deep fry them in a pan with boiling hot oil. Make sure to cook in small batches, to avoid burning the zucchini and get them full of oil. it will only take a minute or two per batch. As soon as they are nice and golden, drain them and dry them on some paper towel Add a pinch of salt.


Now warm some olive oil in another pan and gently sautè the onion until nice and golden. Pour the vinegar on it and the white wine, turn the heat down and let the liquid evaporate, then turn the heat off. Place 1/3 of the onions in a serving dish, place half of the zucchini on them, place some more onions, then the rest of the zucchini and finish with the onions. Add a little bit of olive oil. Place in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Remove from the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving. Serve at room temperature.






On Sunday 1st June 2014 Arianna and Monica had the pleasure to offer a cooking demostration on Venetian Cicchetti on the Island of Vertosa in Venice with the help of the historic cook of the famous Venetian Osteria La Vedova, the great Ada Catto. We were asked to prepare quick easy recipes which could easily be replicated while sailing away on boats in the Venice lagoon!

We had a great time and we would like to thank VdV s.r.l. Polo Nautico Vento di Venezia for the opportunity and the amazing location.

Here are some photos of the day, we tested some of the recipes on the field which will go in our book on cicchetti which should be ready soon for you all to purchase!

Here are all the photos!

DSC_0093 DSC_0094 DSC_0095 DSC_0096 DSC_0099 DSC_0100 DSC_0101 DSC_0102 DSC_0103 DSC_0105 DSC_0106 DSC_0108 DSC_0109 DSC_0110 DSC_0111 DSC_0112 DSC_0113 DSC_0114 DSC_0115



Provence:fresh fruit and Veg

It is finally here, Spring has finally reached us! And surrounded by blooming flowers, buzzing bees and sunny days, we decided to offer you the chance to enter a give-away and win a wonderful cooking experience in Provence whilst Kathy from Food Lover’s Odyssey will offer you the chance to win one of our cooking classes! Super chance not to be missed!

Why in Provence, you might ask? But because this is where our dearest friend and amazing chef Kathy Ayer offers amazing cooking courses!

 We had the pleasure of cooking a variety of sweet Carnival desserts last February here in Mira, in between enjoying a lot of Cicchetti and wine stops and dressing up in fancy costumes and walking around Venice, having a great fun time, snapping lots of photos and acting like real tourists!

 And as we prepared Frittelle and Galani, Kathy told us about her wonderful cooking classes in Aix-en-Provence. Aix en Provence is the typical place in France where you can “enjoy a holiday” in all its aspects. It ‘s a small town in the heart of Provence, described by some as a kind of small Parisienne rive gauche. Aix en Provence is the ideal place in which to go and act as tourists (meaning “seeing things” and go shopping) without getting too much stress, running around all day. The city is surrounded by the typical rural landscape of Provence, with traditional houses and French-style gardens. City of art and historical capital of Provence, Aix-en-Provence, has an architectural heritage among the richest in the south of France. And there is no more beautiful epithet than “the cuisine of the sun” to define the cuisine of Aix en Provence and Provence in general. The dishes and typical recipes of this land are based on products that find in the sun the secret of their taste. Olive oil, rosemary, marjoram, thyme and other herbs are indeed a hallmark of the cuisine of this place. But do not worry: Aix en Provence is the ideal place for gourmets. In all the restaurants you can try delicious meat and fish dishes, accompanied by vegetables and strictly good wine. It is simple and tasty food very similar to the neighbouring cuisine of Italy. But it is not only Italy that influence the cuisine of Provence: in this French region you can find typical Spanish traits.

Cheese in Provence

Joining one of Kathy’s cooking classes you will be able to sample some amazing menus and take part in the ritual of going to the market first thing in the morning to collect all the fresh ingredients which then will be used during the class. During her classes she teaches typical French cooking, preparing dishes like Mille Feuille of Tomatoes, Mousselline of Chevre Frais and Herbs with a Basil Vinaigrette, Veal à la Provencale, Moelleux of Chocolate and Cherries with two sauces and much much more. You can view all the range of cooking classes on offer on her website Food Lover’s Odyssey. Kathy’s cooking groups are very small, maximum 8 people, so you will be able to have a real hands-on experience with a fantastic chef!

By entering our give-away you could have the chance to win 1 market tour and full-meal cooking lesson with Kathy Ayer, to be taken from April to October 2014. Simply place a comment telling us what you would like to cook with Kathy in Provence by 9am Monday 14th April 2014 and then we will randomly draw a number. The number which will be drawn will win a 1 market tour and full-meal cooking lesson with Kathy.

Selection of food


To win The Provence Market Tour & Full Meal Class (class details here): To win, leave a comment telling us what your ideal meal in Provence would be.

To win a One-Day Hands-On Cooking Class in Venice for one (class details here) – To win, visit Kathy’s blog post today announcing the giveaway and leave a comment on her post.

Simple: Leave two comments, one on each blog post, and get two chances to win. Make sure to leave your comments by Monday, April 14, 2014 by 9am Venice & Provence time (Midnight Pacific Standard Time) when the giveaway closes. I’ll pick a winner for the Food Lover’s Odyssey’s class and Kathy will pick a winner for our Venice cooking class. Winners will be chosen randomly using and we’ll announce the winner in a post the next day.

NOTE: The contest is open to anyone worldwide!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in there and tell us what your favourite dish is and win a cooking class in Provence!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway and in Food Lover’s Odyssey’s giveaway. And the winner is…… Steve McEnroe (that is comment #3)!  You can now make your way to Aix-en-Provence and join Kathy in her Provence Market Tour & Full Meal Class!  Bon appetit!




A unique opportunity in a unique setting: traditional Venetian cooking classes in a beautiful island of the lagoon of Venice held by experienced Venetian cooks.

From April 1st to Arpil 3rd, 2014 come and join at the Venice Certosa Hotel on the Certosa Island of Venice our Venetian cooking lessons in English and discover all the secrets and traditions of Venetian recipes.

Come to Venice alone or with your family and friends: experience and enjoy the real city, taste its amazing food and its lively wines.

Ada (the famous historic cook from Osteria La Vedova), Arianna and Monica will hold a demonstration of traditional Venetian recipes. Some of the dishes which they will prepare will include: traditional Venetian gnocchi, the original Tiramisu recipe, cicchetti, risotto and much more.


You can take part in one day lesson, two days lessons or to a three-day course.

The event is divided as follows:

1st April 2014: MEAT MENU – pick up point in Rialto Market at 15.30, shopping and transfer vaporetto bus to the Certosa Island. 4 hours coking demonstration, followed by food and wine tasting. Return to San Zaccaria by vaporetto at 8-9 pm.

2nd April 2014: FISH MENU – pick up point in Rialto Market at 8.30, shopping and transfer by boat to the Certosa Island. 4 hours coking demonstration, followed by food and wine tasting. Return to San Zaccaria by vaporetto at 3-4 pm.

3rd April 2014: VEGETABLE MENU – pick up point in Rialto Market at 8.30, shopping and transfer by boat to the Certosa Island. 4 hours coking demonstration, followed by food and wine tasting. Return to San Zaccaria by vaporetto at 3-4 pm.

  The offer includes:

- Shopping trip to Rialto Market with the cooks from Cook in Venice

Demonstration of 4 hours of a different menu for each cooking lesson (one meat based menu, one fish based mnu, one vegetable basd menu)

- Transportation by private boat from the Rialto Market on the 11th and 12th March (not on the 10th March – on 10th March we must use a vaporetto bus and pay for it)

Tasting of prepared dishes with matching wines

Recipe booklet

Each full menu includes:

-          1 starter

-          1 first course

-          1 main course with side dish

-          1 dessert

During the meal a selection of local wines will be available included in the price.

The cost is:

 1 lesson: Euro 150.00 per person

2 lessons: Euro 300.00 per person

3 day course: Euro 450.00 per person

Booking must be received by March 30th 2014.

We require the payment of a deposit of 50%, non-refundable in case of cancellation, subject to the entry of a substitute participant. Classes will be held with a minimum number of participants. You are required to report any food intolerances.



Please note this course can be booked combined with hotel accommodation – contact Venice Certosa Hotel for costs and bookings.


Venetian Style Fish Soup 

A hearty, flavorful dish that’s perfect as comfort food



In the late 1800s, Italian fish wholesaler in San Francisco and “Fish King” Achille Paladini developed the cioppino, a fish stew made from leftover fish and Dungeness crabs. As Italian restaurants proliferated in the area, cioppino became a staple. Today, we show you how to add a Venetian twist on traditional cioppino, and prepare it right in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Cioppino can be quite messy to eat, due to the inclusion of different shellfish in the stew. This recipe for Venetian Style fish soup eliminates this mess, because instead of leftovers, we’re using beautiful, firm fish fillets and shelled shrimp as the protein in the dish. Adding some Sauvignon white wine to this dish also enhances its flavors, as M&S sommelier Chris Murphy says “fish always benefits from a light, racy, and refreshing Sauvignon. White wine is also always a winner when added to a delicate, tangy tomato sauce”. 

When selecting the fish for this dish, make sure you get a firm or moderately firm fish like cod, halibut, or ocean perch. Picking several kinds of fish will also add a depth of flavor to your stew, so don’t overthink what kind of fish you’re going to use. As for the shrimp, make sure you get whole shrimp from the market and peel them yourself, because the shells will be used to add flavor to the stew. 

· ½ lbs of large shrimp, peeled, with shells reserved 
· 2 cups of water 
· 3 tbsp of olive oil 
· 2 chopped carrots 
· 2 chopped onions 
· 1 chopped fennel bulb 
· 2 chopped celery ribs 
· 6 cloves of minced garlic 
· ½ cup of Sauvignon Blanc
· 3 ½ cups of bottled clam juice 
· 2 ½ cups of crushed tomatoes in a thick puree 
· ¼ tsp of dried red pepper flakes 
· 5 tbsp of fresh parsley 
· ½ tsp of dried thyme 
· 2 bay leaves 
· 2 lbs of firm fish fillets 
· Salt and pepper to taste 

Like any stew, this dish pretty much cooks itself. Boil the shrimp shells in the 2 cups of water in a large pot, and simmer for 15 minutes to create a shrimp stock. Then, remove the shells and discard, and keep the fresh shrimp stock in a bowl. 

preparingfishIn a large pot, heat up the olive oil and sauté the carrots, onions, fennel, celery, and garlic, and cook until tender. This should take about 5 minutes. You can then add the wine to deglaze the pan, and cook until the wine has almost evaporated. Add in the shrimp stock, clam juice, tomatoes, red pepper flakes, 4 tbsp of the chopped parsley, thyme and bay leaves. Allow the stew to cook and reduce on a low simmer for 25 minutes. Taste for salt and season accordingly. 

Remove the bay leaves, and add the fish and shrimp to the pot, cooking for 2 minutes until the seafood is just about done. Sprinkle on the rest of the parsley and serve. 




The team of Cook in Venice (that is Arianna and Monica) are finally going North!

We will be in London from 14th March till 18th March 2014 and we are organizing cooking lessons!  So if you want to learn how to make some traditional recipes from Venice and its mamas, book now!  We will come to your house and hold a 2 hour cooking lesson, teaching you hands on the most delicious dishes from our 1000 year long tradition of cooking!

Minimum 4 people. Cost £ 30.00 per person, including all ingredients. 

For more information contact us via email



Venice Cicchetti go to London!


Have you just come back from Venice and you are already missing the lovely food you tasted during your unforgettable visit to the most amazing city in the world?

Well, stop yearning! Caffè Caldesi in London has the solution for you!

On Sunday  2nd February 2014 Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi, back from a recent trip to Venice where they carried out an intensive research for their next cookery book which is due out this Autumn, have decided to delight their customers with some of the most delicious dishes they had the chance to taste while they were in the city of water! 


For their Street Food Sundays series and only for this Sunday, Venice will be once again the Queen of spices and food in the UK. Giancarlo and his staff will be preparing some of Venice’s famous cicchetti, including: pesce e verdure fritte (a selection of deep fried fish and winter vegetables), polpette di carne e sugo di pomodoro (meat patties with tomato dipping sauce), tagliere di affettati e formaggio con mostarda e giardiniera (a wooden platter of Venetian salumi and cheeses with pickled vegetables and mostarda), bigoli in salsa (whole wheat spaghetti with anchovies and onion) and much more. And all will be served with Venetian and Italian wines, just like we do here in Venice in all the little osterias and wine bars, just like they do at Vineria all’Amarone.

So, if you want to recapture that holiday feeling, transport yourself back in time and space in the beautiful city of gondolas and little alleys, 

Venice Cicchetti

 breathing in the delicious Venetian smell of good quality food and wine, pop in at Caffè Caldesi for a Sunday brunch or a quick snack – you won’t regret it!