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Cooking courses in Italy Venice: Venetian cuisine is a mix of ingredients, recipes and cultures crossing throughout over 1000 years of history.

Traditional Venetian home cooking is made up of simple basic recipes prepared with few, genuine products, available daily from the lagoons, like fish and vegetables.

Thanks to its contact with the east, Venice added flavor to its dishes by using various spices (pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) and inventing over 40 different ways to cook rice.


Eating, drinking and cooking

Wherever you are a skilled cook or a first time cook who wants to learn how to prepare some delicious Venetian dishes to present to family members or friends: a 3 day cookery course in Venice is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.

Our cooking courses in Italy Venice are held by Arianna and Monica, whose love for food is their expression of life. Nice and easy are the basics of their Venice home cooking lessons.

Arianna and Monica grew their passion for cooking since they were children, helping their mums and grandmas in preparing the various daily dishes.

Monica is fluent in English, having lived in the UK for many years, and Arianna love for food transpires from her every pore.

During the classes all traditional Venetian ingredients which will be used are in season and where possible fresh. During the 3 day cooking course you will be able to prepare traditional Italian recipes made with rice, polenta, potatoes as well as many cakes.

With Arianna and Monica’s help you will learn how to make simple but mouthwatering gnocchi and first courses, delicious risotto and scrumptious desserts. No particular skills are needed as Arianna and Monica will teach you uncomplicated homemade recipes, with simple ingredients which you will be able to find also once you get back home.

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Stuffed squid

Stuffed squid


What’s included

Our cooking courses in Italy Venice are held in the light and homely kitchen in Arianna’s home in Mira along the Riviera del Brenta, where all the Palladian villas are.

With Arianna and Monica’s verve you will be able to learn new cooking techniques, having fun at the same time. We will stop on the way to the cooking course in a local fruit and veg store to get some of the ingredients needed for the course.

Everyone is encouraged to actively participate, with the emphasis on fun. In addition to sharing the art of cooking and Arianna’s own kitchen, we place great value in socializing.

Classes are hands-on, for a maximum of 8 students to give everyone the individual attention required. Each class lasts about 3 hours and it is followed by lunch tasting the fruits of your labor in a beautiful dining room. Anyone can participate in the cooking classes, both experts and beginners.

Cook in Venice offers also courses for vegetarians, gluten-free, and peoples following special diets. Just send us your request and we will work a special menu for you.

Our Cooking Courses are held on request  for a minimum of two people ( when a booking is confirmed for two people, it does not guarantee a private course, only that you will have a guaranteed space in the course on the date you have chosen).

Maximum 8 partecipants.

Single partecipants are accepted only if joining existing classes. Prices include transfer from Venice Tronchetto to Arianna’s home and return to Venice Piazzale Roma Bus Terminal. During the inbound transfer we will stop in local stores to shop for the ingredients.

  • The cooking class is taught in English and lasts four hours.
  • Kitchen equipment (aprons, utensils, etc.) is provided, a booklet in English with the recipes of the day is provided.
  • Included in the price is transportation to/from Venice.
  • All products used are local and in season.
  • On arrival a selection of local cold meats, breads and cheeses and local wines will be offered for tasting.
Home made tagliatelle

Home made tagliatelle

The lessons take place from 10,00-13,00 for 3 days, from 13-14 tasting of the recipes prepared.

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Price: EURO 590,00 Per person, MINIMUM 2 People, MAXIMUM 8 People, (Monday to Saturday)

For group bookings (price will be applied when booking):

for 3 people : Euro560.00 per person

for 4 people : Euro 530.00 per person

for 5 people : Euro 500.00 per person

for 6 people : Euro 470.00 per person

for 7 people : Euro 440.00 per person

for 8 people : Euro 410.00 per person

Cooking course Sample Menu for our Cooking Courses Italy Venice

1st DAY: learn how to make gnocchi and some Venetian pasta first courses recipes

A lovely plate of gnocchi

A lovely plate of gnocchi

2nd DAY: learn how to make a good risotto and more Venetian rice recipes



3rd DAY: learn how to make the real Tiramisu dessert and more Venetian dessert recipes


Italian Dessert Recipes

Tiramisu By Cook In Venice

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