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Having fun!

Having fun!

8th August 2010Monica,Lacey and I had a great time……  We’ll be sure to send you the pictures shortly.  Thanks again to you and Arianna for your hospitality.Ciao, Ben

29th october 2010 Hi, Monica, …………..  I have attached some photographs that Bob and I took.  Monica, we had such a good time with you and Arianna. …………….. I miss Italy.  Maybe we will go back some day.  If your family and Arianna’s family ever decide to visit Chicago, please let me know.  We would love to show you around . . . and even make a wonderful dinner for you.  By the way, I made two torte di pere for my friends at work.  They absolutely loved it.  Both cakes were completely gone after an hour.  I will be making them for dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.  Please give Arianna our love.  I so enjoyed speaking Italian with her, even though I had to ask you for so many words.  ……. Arrivederci! Barbara

Making Limoncello biscuits, photo by www.roccopaladino.com


16th November 2010Thank you for the great day we spent with you two it was agreat experience and the food and company was exceptional. Rachel and Hagar

17th February 2012 “Thank you for the great day. The food was great and the two of you are
a riot! My favorite dish the lemon and leek risotto ,I plan to make often and when I do I will think of you.
My husband the little man with the giant appetite loved the fish,well everything!
Thanks Dena”