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take a cooking class in Venice

The setting of our cooking class in Venice

take a cooking class in Venice


What’s included


cook in vneice

Murano Glass Tableware for Cook In Venice by Abate Zanetti


Take a cooking class in Venice: Arianna and Monica, two exceptional cooks, will teach you with passion and enthusiasm all the secrets and tricks behind the most famous recipes from Venice, creating an opportunity to learn and enjoy the typical dishes of Venetian cuisine.

You will learn all the secrets of Venetian food, with many recipes and many new ideas for a menu which will be always successful and refined in an environment of high class, like an ancient Venetian palace of the 15th century. 

The building is located in a beautiful area of Dorsoduro, close to the famous Campo Santa Margarita.

take a cooking class in Venice

Entrance to the garden of the palace

The palace, tastefully decorated by the owner who deals with antiques and interior design and who usually lives in some parts of the building, let’s you relive the glories of the past with the comforts of the present.

A large atrium typical of Venetian palaces, three large dining rooms richly decorated with stucco in soft colours and furnished with beautiful antique furniture and a beautiful garden will welcome guests for a day of fun and food, in this one full day cooking class in Venice.

Arianna and Monica will guide you to the Rialto Market and through the narrow streets of Venice, and will help you prepare menus that are derived from the popular Venetian culinary tradition, in the beautiful fully equipped kitchen.

cooking classes in venice

Selection of Fish at Rialto Market

cooking in venice

Cooking fish with fun

The atmosphere, the preparation of the table, the food, the fine Veneto wines, the decorations will take guests through an atmosphere of times past and of what Venice was.

A welcome full of warmth that will make you want to stay a long time among those antique rooms. You will enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Venice and the genuine Venetian hospitality. The palace offers wonderful views on a beautiful canal.

take a cooking class in Venice

Cook In Venice: Wonderful table display with Abate Zanetti tableware

Discover the secrets to prepare exceptional Italian and Venetian cuisine in a splendid setting during this full day cooking lesson in Venice.

Meet Arianna and Monica at Rialto Market and choose the best fresh ingredients for your cooking class.

take a cooking class in Venice

Vegetable market in Rialto by Cook In Venice

Arianna and Monica, relying on a solid knowledge of the cooking traditions of Venice and using the finest and freshest ingredients, will guide you through the history of Venetian cooking and Veneto wines, while teaching you delicious recipes (like Sarde in Saor, Baccala’ Mantecato, Bigoli in Salsa and Tiramisù) which you will be able to simply replicate at home.

take a cooking class in Venice

A wealth of tips and ideas for creating extraordinary new menus are also included.

At the conclusion of the cooking lesson, you are served the dishes you have helped to prepare. The atmosphere, table decoration, cuisine and wine combine to create a truly memorable Venetian cooking and dining experience.

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take a cooking class in Venice

Cooking classes in Venice

What’s included

You will meet Arianna and Monica at 9 in the morning at Rialto Market, to pick all the necessary ingredients for the cooking class, where you will learn how to cook a five-course Venetian banquet in a 15th century palace in the heart of Venice!

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 people, on this small group Italian cooking class, ensuring you will receive personalised attention from your knowledgeable food experts.


take a cooking class in Venice

Making (or eating) Tiramisù

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or a novice, this full-day cooking class will be filled with lots of fun and entertainment. You will source produce from a local market, a unique opportunity to meet Italian locals and best of all, after you will be able to impress friends and family with your Venetian recipes when you return home.

Our one day cooking classes in Italy are held on request for a minimum of two people ( when a booking is confirmed for two people, it does not guarantee a private class, only that you will have a guaranteed space in the class on the day you have chosen).

Maximum 10 partecipants.

A deposit of euro 35.00 will be required upon booking. The remaining must be paid cash at the beginning of the class.

Single participants are accepted only if joining existing classes.

  • The cooking class is taught in English and lasts four hours.
  • Kitchen equipment (aprons, utensils, etc.) is provided, a booklet in English with the recipes of the day is provided. 
  • All products used are local and in season.
  • On arrival a selection of typical Venetian appetizers and local wines will be offered for tasting.

Program: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m (Monday to Saturday)
The hands-on lesson takes place from 10,00 till 13,00, from 13-14/14,30 lunch with the menu prepared, served with local white and red wines.

For a season menu check our One-Day Hands On Menu page

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Price: Euro 199,00 per person, minimum 2 people


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take a cooking class in Venice


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