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One Day Cooking Classes in Italy – Venice


Below are some sample menus from one of our one day cooking classes in Italy. It will give you an idea of the types of dishes you will learn to prepare.



Starter:Venetian pancakes with Fontina cheese and mushrooms

First course: Risotto with Luganega (Venetian sausage)


Ossobuchi di Nonna Laura

One Day Cooking Classes in Italy – Venice

Second Course: Ossobuchi di Mamma Laura with Polenta and Grilled Season Vegetables

Dessert: Chocolate Salame


Starter: Eggs and Asparagus alla Veneta

First Course: Risotto with prawns

Second course: Scampi all busera (king prawns in tomato sauce) + mixed salad + polenta


Scampi alla busara

One Day Cooking Classes in Italy – Venice

Dessert: Venetian Fruit Tart


Starter: Gratin Tomatoes

Gratin tomatoes

Gratin tomatoes

First course. Bigoli in salsa (Venetian spaghetti with anchovies)

Second Course: Chicken escalopes with sage +

Assorted grilled season vegetables

mixed salad + grilled season vegetables

Dessert: Zuppa Inglese (Venetian triffle)


Starter: Gallette salate (ricotta cheese rounds)

Torta alle pere

First course: Risotto di Zucca (pumpkin risotto)

Second course: Pollo alla buranea (chicken Burano style) + mixed salad + polenta

Dessert: Torta di pere veneziana (Venetian style pear tart)



Pomodori gratinati (Gratin tomatoes)

Risotto al limone (Lemon risotto) and Pumpkin Risotto

Risotto di zucca

Risotto di zucca

Chicken Burano style + Sweet and sour pumpkin + Farmhouse potatoes

Torta del Biron (Apple cake Venetian style)




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