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Pasta Grannies New Series

Pasta Grannies New Series

Cook In Venice collaborating with Pasta Grannies New Series

Pasta Grannies New Series.


Photos by Beatrice Polato

What have we been doing during the last fews months?

Well, for a start unfortunately Monica hurt her back and knee and for a while she was out of action, therefore we had to cut on our cooking classes and tours in Venice.

Then last month she slowly started to recover and the whole team of Cook In Venice was involved in a beautiful experience with Pasta Grannies, a wonderful site dedicated to the grannies of Italy.

Vicky Bennison, the founder of the company, kindly asked us to partecipate and help locating a bunch of grannies for the Veneto region who would be willing to share their recipes and secrets with the world.

So look out for the new series on Youtube by Pasta Grannies, it is all about Venice and the Veneto food.

You will be introduced to the most lovely grannies from Veneto and to some delicious recipes.

Here is a little taste of what you can expect! 

(and yes, the loud laughter you hear in the background is Monica’s!)


And here are some back stage photos of what happened during those 3 days filming!

Lots of laugh for sure!


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