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venice carnival

Ph by Valentina Galimberti Ballarin


It is Carnival time: one of the most awaited events in Venice, with the famous Carnival that every year conveys tourists and attention from all over the world!

The Carnival of Venice will start with the official event next Saturday, 8th February 2020: The Festa Veneziana sull’Acqua, a water parade along the canal of Cannaregio.

For all Carnival of Venice events you can read Monica’s blog post here.

But this year there is a major important event which sees Cook In Venice protagonist!

We have been asked by the organiser of Festa Delle Marie to hold a Venetian Cooking Class on 19th February 2020 for the 12 Marie who will partecipate to the contest.


venice carnival

Ph by Valentina Galimberti Ballarin


What is Festa Delle Marie

Here is the historic explanation from their website:

This is one of the oldest festivals that the Republic of Venice included in the context of public events in which the people played an important role, as a protagonist.

A procession of beautiful Venetian girls, recall, in a modern key, the kidnapping and liberation of twelve promised brides, at the time of Doge Pietro Candiano III (1039).

At the beginning of the ninth century, on February 2 of each year, the day of Mary’s purification, the twelve most beautiful girls of the people, chosen to represent the city, gathered together with their promised spouses in the church of San Pietro di Castello, to receive the wedding blessing.

After centuries of neglect, Bruno Tosi, a well-known director and cultural operator, relaunched this wonderful re-enactment in Venice.

Now, the Venice Carnival opens every year with the “Festa delle Marie” procession.

In the modern re-presentation, twelve girls aged 18 to 28 will be chosen by a large and qualified jury one week before the start of the carnival.

The 12 chosen girls will parade on sedans from San Pietro di Castello to Piazza San Marco, accompanied by over 300 people and will be welcomed by an exulting crowd on the stage set up on the most beautiful “living room in the world”. San Marco square.

The winner of the Festa delle Marie, the following year, will be the protagonist of the “flight of the angel”, a traditional reminiscence of the homage brought to the Doge. It is an exciting flight, from the top of the bell tower of San Marco to the center of the square. For the occasion, she will wear a magnificent themed costume with carnival.


Festa delle Marie and Cook In Venice


venice carnival


During the period of the Carnival the 12 Marie take part in various events: the historic parade first of all, but also visiting historic palaces of Venice to discover the tradition and history of the city, charity events to promote the social and cultural side of Venice and this year a Cooking Class with Cook In Venice, to learn how to cook like a true Venetian!

So this is not just a beauty contest, but a true immersion on becoming a real representative of Venice all over the world!

We are so proud to be part of this event this year!

We will be teaching the girls in a splendid Venetian Palace two different old traditional Venice recipes, using only locally produced ingredients, supplied by local companies.

So, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: the names of our partners will soon be revealed and on 19th February 2020 we will be posting about the event!

In the meantime if you want to try some of our Carnival Recipes: Frittelle alla Veneziana, Frittelle alla Crema, Frittelle with Nutella, Galani, Castagnole – here they are!

Happy Carnival everyone!

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