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A Tavola Con Il Nobile

A Tavola Con Il Nobile

Sometime we get very lucky!!  This time Cook in Venice, that is Monica, got asked by the Associazione Italiana Food Blogger to be one of the judges in a major Food and Wine event in Montepulciano in Tuscany, called A Tavola con il Nobile 2017.

A Tavola con il Nobile 2017 is a wine and food contest, the 15th edition scheduled on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August 2017 in Montepulciano in Tuscany.

During the event the 8 different contrade (quarters) of the town of Montepulciano will enter a contest where they will be asked to prepare dishes with the famous Pecorino toscano Cheese to be paired with the even more famous Montepulciano Nobile wine.

A Tavola con il Nobile is a challenge for cooks designed by the Consorzio del Vino Nobile with the journalist of Rai Tg2, Bruno Gambacorta. The aim of each contrada will be to best pair the Nobile Wine with the their chosen dish proposed for this edition: after the past experiences with “pici”, “nana” (duck), cinta senese meat and local vegetables , this year the districts will have to try their hand in the first courses with the main ingredient being the cheese “Pecorino”, all respecting the local gastronomic tradition.

On Saturday, August 19, at the first tasting session, some contrade will open the door to the public to taste the recipes of tradition. The competing menus can be tasted throughout the next week in the districts, while for the occasion Montepulciano’s restaurants will combine traditional local dishes with Nobile Wine.

Judging the work of the districts in the kitchen will be twenty journalists. On Sunday, August 20, the jury will end the round of tasting and at 16.00 at the Teatro Poliziano, the winner will be unveiled on the occasion of the Bravio cloth presentation.

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