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Venice Recipes: How To Cook Carrots

Venice Recipes: How To Cook Carrots

How to Cook Carrots: Carote Aea Montanara

how to cook carrots

Carote Alla Montanara by Cook In Venice

How to cook carrots – a simple yet delicious recipe from Cook In Venice.

Carrots are a vegetable full of health benefits. These are the main reasons to eat them more often, especially when we have fresh ones available, perhaps gathered from our own vegetable garden.

First of all they improve male fertility (and I can already see our male readers running to buy kilos upon kilos of this orange root!).

Then they lengthen life – some experts have found that the alpha-carotene levels in the blood are inversely associated with risk of death so eating a lot of carrots helps in living longer 😉  – and here we are all running to the market to buy tons of carrots!

how to cook carrots

Carrots and greens at Rialto Mercato in Venice by Rome if You Want To

They are healthy both eaten raw than eaten cooked – so here is the possibility of using them in many recipes.

To regularly consume fruits and vegetables of yellow, red and orange colours, with particular reference to carrots and their wealth of beta-carotene, gives a much more relaxed and rosy aspect of the skin. Here ladies, through away that chemical blush powder and off you go, stuff your mouth with carrots!

They help to get a better and more even suntan, they help with vision and also they reduce skin aging.

So it looks like carrots are just so good, we should not be underestimate them at all in our diet. But how come we find so few side dish recipes for this delicious and healthy vegetable?

how to cook carrots

Carote alla Montanara

Well, we decided to present you with a Venice Recipe for this healthy vegetable: Carote Aea Montanara, that is Mountain Style Carrots.

Let us know and leave a comment if you decide to try this dish and how it turns out, we would love to hear from you – and also if your skin has become much more pink, if you stopped aging and if, thanks to the carrots, you are now a mum-to-be  😉

Italian Side Dish Recipe: Mountain Style Carrots or Carote Aea Montanara

italian side dish recipe

Carote Alla Montanara by Cook In Venice

Today the Italian side dish recipe we would like to suggest is Carote Aea Montanara that is Mountain Style Carrots.

An Italian side dish from the mountains of Veneto with a very simple preparation, but which is appreciated because of the opportunity to bring to the table carrots in a new and appetizing version.

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Carote aea montanara (Mountain style carrots)


italian side dish recipe

Carrots ready for peeling with Quick peeler by U-Cook Italia

400 gr carrots

1 sliced onion

30 gr. Butter

100 gr. Speck or Pancetta 

1 ladle of broth, hot

120 gr fresh cream


  • Peel all the carrots.



italian side dish recipe

Peeling carrots, easy peasy with ceramic knives and peeler by U-Cook Italia

  • Cut them in small cubes.


  • Chop the Speck or Pancetta into small cubes.


    • italian side dish recipe
  • PIace the butter in a large pan like a wok.
  • Fry gently the onion in the butter.
  • As soon as it is golden and soft, add the carrots, mix well and let cook at high heat for 5 minutes. 
  • Add the speck or pancetta, the broth and cook at low heat for at least 20-30 minutes.
  • Once cooked, switch the heat off, add the fresh cream and mix well.
  • Add some parsley or nut meg if you wish and serve hot.


italian side dish recipe

Carrots with cream by Cook In Venice


We would like to hear from you, please feel free to let us know if you have tried our recipe and how it turned out – your comments are always welcome!


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