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To all my friends in Britain: I believe tonight Gino D’Acampo is broadcasting a show on Venice. So you know, I was contacted by his tv production company, after many phone calls and back and forth emails, sending lots of information and ideas, having spent a whole day giving them in Venice showing them where things were, they told me my ideas did not fit the show and they did not even bother to thank me for it – so if you see any of these ideas in the show, you know there were mine!

1- cooking a bbq in the squero of San Trovaso with the owner
2- visiting the ghetto and eating the cakes in the only kosher baker
3- visiting the butcher in strada nova and cook a recipe with his meat
4- visiting the pharmacy in strada nova and cook something sweet after that
5- cooking on a terrace on the Gran Canal
6- making a risotto

so you know!


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