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Baccalà Mantecato


Baccalà Mantecato

Creamy Dried Cod Mousse

Baccalà or stoccafisso (dried cod), arrived in Venice in the 15th century thanks to Captain Querini, who, after shipwrecking in Lofoten in Norway and discovering this new lovely way of preserving fish of the local people, decided to bring it back to its native city.


Once the Venetian came to contact with baccalà,  they immediately fell in love with this product and created more than 40 dried cod recipes with it.

Here is the most famous one: Baccalà  Mantecato or Creamed dried cod. In all Venetian recipes Baccalà stands for dried cod not salted cod.

Here you will find some more fish recipes from Italy.

We love to get our students to try out this recipe with us during our culinary courses in Venice.

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