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Bigoli in Salsa

Bigoli in Salsa by Beatrice Polato

Bigoli in Salsa

Bigoli with Anchovy Sauce

One of our most traditional first courses recipes: Bigoli In Salsa.


Bigoli in Salsa by Beatrice Polato



This is one of the easiest recipes we like to teach during our one day cooking lessons in Venice.

Bigoli are the typical Venetian pasta and can only be found in Venice (where they are still produced).

The Bigoli are a long pasta, like very long big spaghetti.


Bigoli in Salsa by Beatrice Polato

Bigoli in Salsa by Beatrice Polato


In the original recipe they are prepared with wheat flour, water and salt. The main characteristic of this pasta is its roughness, which allows it to hold sauces and condiments.

This peculiarity is given by the type of preparation: it is called preparation “a trafila” (coater), using traditional copper presses originally operated by hand. There are some variations of this pasta, which is obtained by varying the type of flour.

By using the Saracen flour you obtain dark bigoli  or by adding the squid ink you get black pasta.

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