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Home Made Bread

Home Made Bread

Home Made Bread

Here is the homemade bread recipe from our grandmothers, here in Italy,  prepared in a  traditional oven, prepared with 1 kg of flour.

This will give you a good, hot, fragrant and crunchy bread!

The main feature of this bread is that it is made only with flour, water, yeast and salt. No additives, neither chemical nor natural. Some are surprised by this, but the result is the best answer and your health will gain from it.




Medium strength 0 flour is the best for bread. If you can’t find it, you can get good results even with the flour 00, as long as, on the package, there is an indication that it is a flour suitable for bread making. Alternatively, durum wheat flour allows you to obtain an exquisite, more amber bread. It is also possible to reinforce a weak flour by mixing it with a stronger percentage of flour, such as Manitoba flour.

A too strong flour, however, is not suitable for bread making, because the tenacious glutinic mesh prevents carbon dioxide from creating the right honeycomb feature.
The stronger the flour, the more water it will absorb, the more resistant the dough will be and the longer the rising times will be.

The quantity of water, however, depends on the type of flour and its absorption capacity. Adjust the dose we have indicated to subsequently make any changes depending on the result obtained.

Water quality has its importance. First of all it must be pure. Too hard water hinders leavening, but too soft water is also not good. The ideal is medium hard water. If you are not sure how good your tap water is, use bottled water. It is not wrong to use sparkling water, as often recommended, to promote leavening thanks to carbon dioxide.

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