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Lord Byron’s apple cake

traditional italian apple cake

Lord Byron’s apple cake

Torta De Pomi de’l Cavalier Biron

(Lord Byron’s apple cake)

Traditional Italian Apple Cake

The famous English poet George Gordon (Lord Byron 1788-1824) lived for a time in Venice when he was forced to leave England for his debts and too many sex scandals.

In Venice it was said that at the Palazzo Mocenigo (where he lived) there were two entrances: one for girls of Castello and another for those of Cannaregio.

Lord Byron spent three years in Venice and even learnt Venetian dialect. He obviously liked Venetian food too 🙂.

This is such an old recipe that nobody in Casa Boschieri (where this recipes comes from) in Venice remembers anymore who actually the Cavalier Biron was (obviously Lord Byron).

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