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Pasta And Bean Soup

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Pasta And Bean Soup

Minestra de PASTA E FASIOI

The recipe of pasta and beans soup is a classic of Italian cuisine, a first course with an unmistakable flavour that has its roots in rural tradition.

A poor and cheap dish, therefore, but always extremely tasty and genuine. Just like our version of pasta and beans soup! Dense enough to “hold the spoon upright” (the more traditionalists say this is the way to recognize the right consistency, creamy and full-bodied at the same time) and rich in aromas.

A timeless Italian-style comfort food that warms the heart and brings everyone together thanks to its timeless flavour, to be tried also in the summer version with fresh legumes. Taste our pasta and beans and you will see that you will never leave it!

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Pasta And Bean SoupPasta And Bean Soup

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