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Rice soup with Peas

Rice soup with Peas

Rice soup with Peas

Risi e Bisi

Easy rice recipes from Italy: Risi e Bisi, rice soup with peas.

The “Risi e Bisi” is a recipe typical of the Venetian tradition, excellent to be enjoyed in the spring because this is the season with the best peas, the main ingredient of this dish.

The rice used for this dish, however, is the Vialone nano, and not the classic Carnaroli used for risotto, which has the characteristic of swelling a lot during cooking thus absorbing more seasoning.

To define”Risi e Bisi” is not easy and even today many are wondering if this very nutritious dish belongs to the category of risotto or to that of soups: neither one nor the other!

In fact,”Risi e Bisi” to be such must be a happy medium between both, that means not be too dry or too soupy, but a kind of thick soup.


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