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Salame Al cioccolato

salame al cioccolato

Salame Al cioccolato

Chocolate Biscuit Salami

Salame al Cioccolato: it is one of the most enjoyable and easy to prepare home cooking dishes in Italian cooking: we are talking about chocolate salami.

salame al cioccolato


A dessert that always puts everyone in agreement, perfect for a simple end of a meal, a tasty snack or to enrich a dessert buffet.

Its characteristic shape makes it perfect to be cut into small slices that will make young and old give in to temptation. 


salame al cioccolato


Every occasion is good to enjoy a moment of pleasure in company with this delicious chocolate salami.


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salame al cioccolatosalame al cioccolatosalame al cioccolato

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