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Sea Bass in Rock Salt

Sea Bass in Rock Salt

Sea Bass in Rock Salt

Branzino in Crosta

Sea bass , or Branzino in Italian, is a quality sea fish, one of the most common on the Adriatic Sea.

Together with the sea bream is one of the most appreciated for the quality of its meat: lean, firm and with few bones. It is tasty and delicate at the same time, with a good shelf life (it can resist in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours) and it is extremely versatile (there are many Italian recipes with seabass).


sea bass



Present in the Italian seas and very common in the Venetian lagoon, the sea bass is caught all year round, especially in coastal areas. It is leaden gray and silver in colour on both sides. If it is bred and not wild, it is much less tasty but much cheaper.


We love to prepare this fish recipe in Venice during our cooking lessons – our students love it!

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