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Tiramisù (Mascarpone cheese cake dessert)

Best Original Tiramisu Recipe

best original tiramisu recipe

A delicious slice of Tiramisu, the most asked dessert recipe during our Cooking Classes in Venice

How many stories are told about the recipe of Tiramisù, the world’s most popular sweet from the city of Treviso.

The tiramisu was known because it was served in the famous restaurant Beccherie, allegedly given to business customers who kind of felt a bit tired after the big lunches! The fresh egg yolk beaten with sugar has always had a tonic effect of rapid energy. Adding the sponge biscuits made the dessert a bit more digestible, the coffee was a stimulant, so the cocoa and the fresh mascarpone added that extra delicious touch! 

This is the authentic recipe for Tiramisu, originating from Treviso – you will notice there is no rum or marsala or any other sort of liqueur.

But you can vary the recipe as you please, adding Amaretto or Bailey’s, or any other liqueur. 

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