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Zucchini Pie


Zucchini Pie

Budin de suchete 

Stuffed, grilled, sautéed in a pan or even raw, zucchini are vegetables that can be cooked in a thousand different ways to create tasty recipes. Now courgettes are found all year round but we advise you to cook them especially during the warm months, when you can find them fresh and in season.

You can create many recipes with zucchini, summer and fanciful, from the classic pasta with sliced zucchini, to the fresh and delicate flavor of zucchini pesto. There are also endless recipes with zucchini as a side dish, to accompany meat and fish seconds, but they are also excellent to be enjoyed on their own, to cook fresh and light dishes, suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet and who, during the summer does not want to devote himself to long and heavy preparations.

Jere is a very old recipe from Venice: a delicious mouthwatering mountain of zucchini in a bechamel sauce!

This and many other delicious Zucchini Italian recipes are part of our cooking classes in Venice throughout the year, both in Venice in a historical palace or in the countryside.

Enjoy it!

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