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Venice Recipes: Risotto – Back to Venetian basics

Risotto di Radicchio by Cook in Venice on Murano Glass plate by Abate Zanetti

Back to Venetian basics: Risotto de Radicio – Perfect Risotto

A guide to making the  best risotto in Venice: Cook in Venice’s easy steps

Here we are with another weekly recipe from our “Back to Venetian basics” as promised

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Abate Zanetti Elite Murano Glassware

Venice Recipes: The Saor – Back to Venetian basics


Venice Recipes: Saor – Back to Venetian basics

Zucca in saor on Murano Glass set by Abate Zanetti

We are really excited to introduce to you our new Venice recipe series starting off this week thanks to the support of our new sponsors Abate Zanetti, the most famous Murano

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Ceramic knives are perfect to slice pumpkin

Welcoming our New Partners U-Cook Italia

Hi everyone,

I know, I know, I have not been writing for such a long time, but we have been overwhelmed with cooking classes and tours, so not much time for writing, I am very sorry.


I promise we …

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