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Italian First Courses

Italin First Courses

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

The pride of Italian cuisine, the Italian first courses are the undisputed protagonists of every type of menu. They are combined with any ingredient and can be made with pasta, rice, potatoes and the condiments can be with meat, fish, eggs or vegetables.

italian first courses

risotto di radicchio

The Italian first course recipes of the Veneto are extremely varied because they reflect a territory that encompasses the sea, lakes and mountains and although Venice plays an important role in the Venetian cuisine, don’t overlook the other provinces.

The Italian first courses from Veneto reflect the nature of the territory with a main type of pasta, bigoli, similar to trofie, which are eaten with a fish sauce.
The nature of the territory allows the cultivation of rice, which is another of the strong dish of Veneto, combining with “peas”, or fish or vegetables.

italian first courses

risotto di zucca

A delicious range of Italian first course recipes

One of the most typical Venetian Frist courses Bigoli In Salsa

This is a very old recipe with rice from the Venetian countryside Risotto di Bruscandoli

Simple and tasty Cannelloni with Ham, Cheese and Cauliflower

A classic recipe from Venice : Seafood Lasagne or Pastisso de pesse

Quick and easy pasta dish from Venice: Penne Prosciutto & Piselli

Traditional Autumn Venetian dish : Pasta con la Zucca

The most classical Venetian dish: Risi e Bisi

Perfect to warm those winter month: Pasta & Fagioli

From the tradition of Veneto: Risotto con Radicchio

The favourite of all Veneto people: Risotto di Zucca