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An inviting range of Italian Dessert Recipes

Italian Dessert Recipes

One of the many Italian Desserts by Cook In Venice

Cook In Venice introduces its range of Italian Dessert Recipes.

Many of the most delicious desserts are wonderful delicacies born from the creativity of Italian confectioners and bakers, famous all over the world, but also from the tradition of our land and our grannies and great-grandmas – like for examples Frittelle, Tiramisù, Zabaione and much more.
The dessert is certainly very important for a lunch or dinner, it will be the last thing that will stay in the mind of the guests.  

Italian Dessert Recipes

Zaeti – Traditional Venetian Cookies by Cook In Venice

In Venice we have a long tradition of cakes and desserts, which comes from the fact that the use of sugar in cooking was actually discovered by Venetian pharmacists. You can discover all about sugar, cakes and chocolate during one of our Cake & Choc tours in Venice!

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Follow our easy Italian Dessert Recipes – All tastes will be satisfied, from cakes, puddings, cookies, sweets,  all simple to prepare and to enjoy. Many interesting recipes to choose from the list shown below.

Italian Dessert Recipes

Italian Dessert Recipes

Venetian Pear Tart by Cook In Venice

Classic pear tart from Venice. Serve hot with some mascarpone cream….

Carnival Venetian Fried Sweet Dumplings

Another Carnival Traditional cake

Favorite dessert cooked by all Italian grandmothers.

A very old Venetian recipe for a lovely tart with ricotta cheese and sultanas-raisins

A quick recipe from Arianna: a quick pie with amaretti biscuits and almonds

Italian Dessert Recipes

Frittelle alla Crema by Cook In Venice

A classic Carnival recipe from Venice: cream puffs

A low fat, quick and easy carrot cake

Venetian version of a ring doughnut

A Traditional cookie shaped Knight for November

  • Pinza

    italian dessert recipes

    Pinza by Cook In Venice

A mix between a bread pudding and a fruit cake from Venice

Italian Dessert Recipes

Tiramisu By Cook In Venice

The world famous Italian dessert, the real original recipe

A cake which Lord Byron loved when in Venice

A Tricky but delicious dessert

  • Zaeti

    italian recipe dessert

    zaeti cookies Venice recipes cook in venice

The most famous cookies from Venice

  • Frittelle alla Nutella
    Frittelle alla Nutella

    Frittelle alla Nutella

    Delicious deep fried dumplings filled with Nutella cream