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Italian almond tart recipe

Italian almond tart recipe


Almonds, seeds of the almond tree (Prunus dulcis), are oil seeds rich in vitamins and minerals. They help maintain a healthy heart, arteries and bones, and also represent a valuable natural remedy for anemia. Almonds are the protagonists of many recipes in Venetian cuisine and we would like to particular Italian almond recipe which Arianna loves to prepare regularly for our students during our cooking experiences in Venice.

Quick Almond and Amaretti pie




Italian almond tart recipe


For the pastry:

1 egg yolk,

2 tablespoon icing sugar,

100 gr of plain flour,

1 pinch of salt,

65 gr of unsalted  butter,

2 tablespoon of cold water

For the filling;

4 eggs,

200 gr. amaretti biscuits,

150 gr. sugar,

200 gr. almonds

First prepare the pastry: chop the butter in small bits and place it with the flour and the salt. Rub it in until it resembles fine crumbs. Add the egg yolk, the sugar and the water and keep mixing well till you get a nice and firm dough. Place in the fridge for about 1 hour.

Prepare the filling: use a food processor. Place eggs, almonds, amaretti and sugar in the food processor and mix for about 1 minute or until nice and blended.

Take the pastry, roll it out onto a floured surface. Shape to a disk and place it on a greased and floured pie tin.  Using a for mark the side of the pastry. Place the filling inside the pie and cook in the oven at 180/gas mark 5 for about 30 minutes. Take out of the oven, let it cool and then dust with icing sugar.


Italian almond tart recipe