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zaeti venetian biscuits

Venetian Cookies – Venice Dessert Recipes

An easy step by step recipes to prepare Zaeti, Venetian cookies.


200 gr. yellow polenta flour (maize flour)

200 gr. plain flour 00

50 gr. lard or butter or suet

125 gr sugar

1/2 glass of hot milk

some hot water

a pinch of salt

1 tablespoon baking powder

100 gr raisin (previously soaked in hot water)


Preparation for Zaeti Venetian Cookies

zaeti all ingredients

Sift the flours, the sugar, the salt and the baking powder in a large bowl. Add the lard (or butter cut into chunks or the suet) and mix well into the mixture.

Add the raisin, mix well. Now add the hot milk and keep mixing until you reach an elastic dough (add some hot water if needed).


Now shape the dough into a long salami. Slice into thick slices (we used our beautiful ceramic knives by U-Cook Italia)  and shape the slices into little diamonds.

Line a baking sheet with some baking paper and place the cookies on it. Bake in a hot oven (about 200 degrees Celsius) until nice and golden.

cook in venice zaeti

Place on a beautiful serving dish, like a nice Murano glass place by Abate Zanetti?

Abate Zanetti Murano Glassplates

You can eat them either hot or cold.