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Italian Prawns and Scampi in Tomato Sauce - Scampi e gambari aea Busara

This dish rightfully belongs to the most typical cuisine of Trieste, right by the sea. You can taste on its own as a main course or as a sauce for pasta: it is a very tasty and fragrant dish.

Why do you call it “alla busara”? According to the story the name comes from the pot in which the fisherman cooked this dish, but some also say that the word derives from the dialect busiara (Venetian word for liar), because when sailors used to cook it with the remains of the fish which was not sold, therefore it was a pretend dish!


Italian Prawns and SCampi in Tomato Sauce

Scampi e gambari aea Busara


12 fresh scampi

500gr fresh prawns

1 glass white wine

3 table spoons breadcrumbs

2 gloves of garlic

fresh tomato sauce

olive oil

chopped parsley

salt and pepper


Wash and clean well the scampi and the prawns. Cut the scampi longwise – we like to use Cuterina, the sharp and handy scissors by U-Cook Italia.

Fry the garlic in a pan with some oil, then place the scampi and the prawns in the pan and cook very quickly. Add the wine, the tomato sauce, salt and pepper. Cook for a couple of minutes. Remove the scampi and prawns from the pan and place in an oven proof pan. Cover with the sauce, the breadcrumbs and the parsley and a drop of olive oil. Cook in the oven for 10 minute at 200 degrees.

This is one of the favourite recipes in our cooking classes in Venice, we always make sure to get the best and freshest prawns and scampi from the Rialto Market!