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Italian Side Dishes Recipes

Italian Side Dishes Recipes

Why you should use Italian Side dishes Recipes.

Cooking is undoubtedly a very important part of Italian culture. Italian cuisine is known worldwide especially for pasta, pizza and ice cream, but the variety of its food is much richer. Thanks to the importance of regional cuisines, with many cities and even small towns that are justly proud of their traditions and culinary specialties, but also thanks to the many influences of the different peoples that have taken over the peninsula, the number of Italian recipes can be defined almost unlimited.

But if you prepare a meal with an exceptional first course or main course, it will not be a full success unless even your side dishes are made to impress.
That is why, when preparing our menus for our cooking classes in Venice we always start thinking about what side dishes will match better our dishes.
Arianna and I spend much time first choosing the vegetables, then to wash them, clean them and prepare them, that’s why our side dishes are always good and delicate. That is why in Italy you always end up eating so much!

We are happy to share with you a nice range of delicious Venetian side dishes with vegetables, rice and polenta. And always remember to write to us, sending your photos and comments on how the recipes turned out. We will post them in our section Tested by You!

Italian Side Dishes Recipes

Budin de Suchete – Zucchini Flan

Carciofi di Nonna Laura – Granma Laura’s Artichokes

Patate alla Veneziana – Venetian Style Potatoes