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Risotto with Chicken Livers

Risotto with Chicken Livers

0 of 5 20 Minutes For 4 people

Risotto with chicken livers, called in dialect “risotto col figa’ or risotto coi figadini”, is a typical first course of Venetian cuisine.

With a creamy consistency and a delicate taste, the...

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Nonna Laura's Artichokes

Nonna Laura’s Artichokes

0 of 5 20 Minutes 4 portions

Carciofi di Nonna Laura

This is a simple and very tasty artichoke Italian recipe which can be achieved by using...

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Zucchini Pie

0 of 5 50 Minutes 6 portions

Budin de suchete 

Stuffed, grilled, sautéed in a pan or even raw, zucchini...

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Italian Meatballs

0 of 5 30 Minutes 6 portions

Polpette in Umido – Italian Meatballs in tomato sauce


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ButternutSquash Risotto with Abate Zanetti Murano Glass

Butternut Squash Risotto

0 of 5 20 Minutes 6 portions

Risotto di Zucca (Pumpkin Risotto)

Typical Venetian dish, Butternut Squash risotto is prepared with a few simple ingredients.



It is a dish made of risotto rice (Vialone nano,...

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italian first courses

Radicchio Risotto

0 of 5 20 Minutes 4 portions

Risotto di Radicchio

Risotto with radicchio is a very fragrant and tasty first course, which originates in Veneto and precisely in...

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Bruscandoli or hop shoots

Hop Shoots Risotto

0 of 5 20 Minutes 4 portions

Risotto di bruscandoli

Bruscandoli are the end tips of the hop plants.

This plant...

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Rice soup with Peas

Rice soup with Peas

0 of 5 30 Minutes 4 portions

Risi e Bisi

Easy rice recipes from Italy: Risi e Bisi, rice soup with peas.

The “Risi e Bisi” is a recipe...

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Pasta with pumpkin sauce

Pasta with Butternut Squash sauce

0 of 5 30 Minutes 4 portions

Penne con la zucca

Butternut squash is a vegetable that lends itself quite well to many culinary preparations.

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Pasta penne with prosciutto e piselli

Penne with ham & peas

0 of 5 40 Minutes 4 portions

Penne con prosciutto e piselli

A lovely pasta recipe from Venice: quick, simple yet delicious – lots of peas,...

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Having fun in a cooking class in Venice

Pasta And Bean Soup

0 of 5 120 Minutes 4 portions

Minestra de PASTA E FASIOI

The recipe of pasta and beans soup is a classic of Italian cuisine, a first course with...

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