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Ceramic knives are perfect to slice pumpkin

Welcoming our New Partners U-Cook Italia

Hi everyone,

I know, I know, I have not been writing for such a long time, but we have been overwhelmed with cooking classes and tours, so not much time for writing, I am very sorry.


I promise we will be back soon with regular updates on what is happening in our cooking life here in Venice.  For the moment I have two major news to share with you all: our new cooking lessons in a 15th century palace and the welcoming of our new sponsors! Yeahhh, big news for us here at Cook In Venice!

Let’s start by giving a big welcome and thanks to our new cooking partners, the Italian company U-Cook Italia, who very kindly has decided to sponsor us and offer us the opportunity to put to the test their wonderful kitchen equipment.

italian deisgned kitchen gadgets

U-Cook Italia – Italian designed kitchen tools

U-Cook Italia  is a new Italian brand which specializes in really high quality kitchen tools but with the addition of an elegant, classy and typically Italian design. All of their products are created and produced with only one objective: the satisfaction of the end user. And this they do! We can assure you, with the flair and style which only Italians know how to create!


The materials which they use are of the highest quality, the design of the products are elegant but yet functional and they also offer full  certification of the whole production process: what more could we ask from a new partner? And to top it all, U-Cook Italia offers a 2 years guarantee on all of their range of kitchen tools (for full guarantee terms visit their site).

U-Cook Italia - first lesson

We sat down together with their CEO Marco Priori and picked from their range of tools and gadgets those which were most suited for our cooking classes: a sturdy and elegant range of ceramic knives, the colorful range of Italian designed weighing scales, their multifunctional kitchen scissors and poultry shears. We were so pleased with the quality of the products that we used them immediately in the first available cooking lesson and all of our students were highly impressed!


All of the above kitchen tools from U-Cook Italia will be used from now on in all of our cooking classes, in Mira, in Venice in the apartment in Castello as well as in our brand new location: a 15th century palace in the centre of historic Venice! And this brings me to our next news!

Yes, we finally got our location, which we have been dreaming about for years, in a stunning historic palace in the centre of Venice! The location is only a 10 minutes walk from Rialto Market, so we will meet our students at the market, we will go around shopping for fresh produce, buying our ingredients from the local fishmongers and greengrocers.


Then we will talk a brief walk, stopping for some bread and snacks and then off to learn to cook like real Italian mamas but in the most amazing location ever: a beautiful Venetian Palazzo of the 1400s.


Here are some photos of our first cooking class in the palace and of the wonderful homely kitchen we have the use of! What I particularly love about this location is that the palace is lived in and during the cooking lessons our students get to meet the lady who lives among those elegant and beautifully designed rooms: the wonderful Gabriella! She used to be an art and antique dealer, so she has decorated all of their house with beautiful orginal paintings, antique furniture and amazing statues.


Here our students will be able to learn to cook authentic Venice recipes and then to sample them in a sophisticated real Venetian dining room, feeling like a noble man or noble woman of times gone by!serving-dishes






Yes, lots of news, good news!

So what are you waiting for? Book now your unique experience with Cook In Venice!





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